GIFT of SMAP [Regular Edition]

Twentieth album release from SMAP for the first time in two years! Includes tracks “gift,” “Sakasama no Sora,” and more for 19 tracks total. Songs are provided by popular artists such as Ringo Shiina, Monkey Majik, and The Bawdies. This edition includes 2 discs.

Too bad the first release already sold out. It contain posters. 


GIFT of SMAP [Regular Edition]

GIFT of SMAP [Regular Edition] Product Features

Product Details

1. [Disc 1] Theme of gift -prologue-/ Dean Hahn [Disc 1] THEME OF GIFT/ Dean Hahn
2. [Disc 1] Just Go!/ SMAP [Disc 1] JUST GO!/ SMAP
3. [Disc 1] ??????/ SMAP [Disc 1] SAKASAMA NO SORA/ SMAP
4. [Disc 1] HIKARI/ SMAP [Disc 1] HIKARI/ SMAP
5. [Disc 1] ????/ SMAP [Disc 1] OHAYOU/ SMAP
6. [Disc 1] ??Boogie Woogie/ SMAP [Disc 1] KIMI TO BOOGIE WOOGIE/ SMAP
7. [Disc 1] gift/ SMAP [Disc 1] GIFT/ SMAP
8. [Disc 1] ??????/ SMAP [Disc 1] MANATSU NO DATSUGOKUSHA/ SMAP
9. [Disc 1] ????????/ SMAP [Disc 1] INAKUTESABISHII/ SMAP
10. [Disc 1] I Wanna Be Your Man/ SMAP [Disc 1] I WANNA BE YOUR MAN/ SMAP
11. [Disc 1] ????????/ SMAP [Disc 1] ANGEL HEART/ SMAP
12. [Disc 1] ??!/ SMAP [Disc 1] MAE NI!/ SMAP
13. [Disc 1] Theme of gift -epilogue-/ Dean Hahn [Disc 1] THEME OF GIFT/ Dean Hahn
14. [Disc 2] ??…/ SMAP [Disc 2] NE…/ SMAP
15. [Disc 2] La + LOVE & PEACE/ SMAP [Disc 2] LA + LOVE & PEACE/ SMAP
16. [Disc 2] Special Thanks/ SMAP [Disc 2] SPECIAL THANKS/ SMAP
17. [Disc 2] ?????/ SMAP [Disc 2] KARAJISHI BOTAN/ SMAP

Too bad I can’t find any GIFT of SMAP [Regular Edition] Video Review

How to Buy GIFT of SMAP [Regular Edition] ?

Its very amazing and it worth to become your precious collection. Lets fangirling!

GIFT of SMAP [Regular Edition]

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